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Pocket Pocket Query (PPQuery to its friends)

Geocaching is an expensive enough hobby as it is. Why sink a wad of cash into a PDA—yet another gadget that you’ll have to keep safe and dry while you’re out hunting for your next deep woods ammo can—when you’ve got a perfectly good cell phone in your pocket already?

That phone might as well pull its weight—after all, it probably won’t be getting much signal where you’re headed!

Pocket Pocket Query is a free paperless geocaching program that you can install on almost any current mobile phone.1

Try out the current beta release.

  1. 1 JavaME-capable device supporting MIDP 2.0 required

Latest Releases

0.6.1 (Beta) - 10 March 2009

  • Fixed: Broken German menu titles
  • Minor UI improvements

0.6.0 (Beta) - 9 March 2009

  • New: Project coordinates
  • New: German localization
  • Roughly 2x more devices supported!